Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Classic Hot Spot for surfing / body-boarding for little grommets keen to get a little pitty and try get a gnarly session before the coldness sets in over cold o faithful Tassie.

This One In Particular was taken during Summer of 2009 and that summer was nice weather and this shot doesn't do it justice with the heat it actually was really hot and muggy at the time of the shoot. 
A classic flat wave day and reasonably decent visibility 

This Picture was during a trip down the Tasman Peninsula This picture is taken from Safety Cove Tasmania
a magical spot so rugged every time I have ever been to this place its blowing only once I ve ever been here and its not extreme sea breeze or offshore this place had a cold chill most year round but well worth seeing in person its just coastline in its own calibre.