Sunday, June 25, 2017

Winter Time In The Derwent Valley Region

Van Diemen's Land the Derwent Valley Tasmania 


Yet another cold miserable wintery day with wind + more snow on the way, I took this shot with my mate "Woody" on a day we could not get out of the drive but the quad bikes became our new method of transport;)

This picture I remember taking where I lived for 10 years in Collins Cap a very heavily snowfall town set in the foothills of the Collins Cap Bonnet a segregated suburb with most houses on large acerage in a semi-alp dense bushland surroundings its flooded with old relics and primitive old sawmill coups with stone walls right in my own backyard.  In winter up at Collins Cap top end "it soon went from gumboot depth to around the handle bars of my quadbike" "I knew it was more than Sugar and Spice + All things Nice" and had to grow a set and head right through it continue on even above the rack wheels and quad I just became one with the road and it kept chugging through. 

It was after my first time I traveled down the paddock and came across the old site which I noticed was just covered in a full ground layer of pure sawdust in huge piles the size of a house.  I knew then that it must have been an old mill or work shed as the area was cleared well deep in the bush with tracks in and out but the actual historical value of it became something I was happy to see and had me wondering afterwards. 

Ryan Hunter

Van Diemen Photography