Saturday, June 11, 2016

New Norfolk's Renown Mental Asylum

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Since recently moving to the Derwent Valley area I have a fascination with everything colonial and historical not to mention an interest in the darkside and mysteriousness around everything unexplained and unusual so where else more than interesting to go that the iconic New Norfolk mental asylum.

I have for years been interested in everything dark and mysterious watching such movies as a young boy like " The Craft" and "Amityville Horror" and "Ghosthouse" such titles made me interested and wonder more about the unknown and unusual.

When I came up with the idea to check out the abandoned site I was excited with the idea of capturing some unusual pictures of the occasion and to include the historical significance of it as it is currently in the process of possible developments and will most likely be demolished in the years to come so here is a look at some shots from my trip for you to see the actual inside of the abandoned site.

View Of the D block

Inside the D block cafeteria

light shines through the foyer to the lock up rooms

the kiosk and loungroom

the security booth

entry door to the loungeroom

view overlooking the sitting room

abandoned sitting room filled with graffiti

graffiti is filled on the walls some artful some not

morbid abandonment

a lot of years use the hinges cant hold it

the workers hanging hooks

ripped up floors made by squatters

part of D block whats left of it

overgrowth takes over

exposed floor beams to the second storey on D block

All pictures I've chosen are all original all I have done is resized them to fit on this page for you to view at some stage I will upload some edited ones of the same shots for you to see how I can bring out more from each shot and show the real rawness this location has to offer.

Ryan Hunter
Van Diemen Photography

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